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sat hat

on tesseracts & unicorn

Posted on 2010.08.27 at 17:54

a tesseract is described wonderfully as ‘a fourth dimensional hypercube’. it is a mathematical theory, a construct existing as a self~enclosed world. in exact maths it is self~contained and terminal; it has limited duration. this is integral to its nature, to its existence.

in homeopathic (holistic) alchemical theory a hermetically sealed enclosure is by necessity of limited, therefore potentially liminal particles. we can locate the particle and measure the duration of every facet. existing within such environments as are symbolised in my mind by the helix nature of crystals are waveform based entities. a quartz wand symbolises both the tesseract and the unicorn horn. within this limited, liminal environment we quest, striving to create a balance by which self~sustainability can become and extend our lifespan indefinitely.

there is a story in Celtic mythology of Anwyn the dark elf lord of the underworld who heads the Wild Hunt. once every year, for the ‘five days out of time’ existing between 360 day long years that is measured by the week of Halloween, the elven host enters the world and hunts the White Hart, a horned beast of rare purity. In some versions this is a White Stag, signifying male and female aspects of the same creature. when the two horns of the deer are twisted into a single fusion, then we have a mythical creature of similar description, a horned white beast; the unicorn with its one horn growing not from the temples but from the third eye chakra. it is my understanding that the power of a unicorn horn, it being visionary, containing a command over manifest reality and hardwired into the creatures mind, forms a crystal helix; forms an ocean through which waveform can take shape; forms a fluid structure that is the world surrounding it. thus the tesseract.


such are my thoughts as I sit in the autumnal forest at night with my mind full of sacred spirit mushrooms, playing to ghosts and watching the Life~fire spark grow as tall columns within the neural system of trees & their bodies, hardy to the frozen cold. each tree a single entity, a tesseract, and yet forming a web, the forest, greater than the sum of its parts. this representing, illustrating to me All of Life; we the individuals as it, whatever shape body we wear and with whatever senses. there is sorrow and there is acceptance. there is darkness and there is light, coldness and joy. I met other forest creatures this night but theirs is a tale for a different time.

the charcoal illustrations here are from a 15min rough sketch design for a woodblock. I was especially happy with this image because a few things came together in it for me as I was making it; a revelation that the Hermetic tradition uses the same astrological symbol for SUN as describes the ORBS seen by spiritualists. of course! in French the word is Sol, meaning both sun and soul, is taken from Egyptian... this sitting on the right shoulder of the figure representing a Wayeb (spirit guide) who whispers and relays information, contrasts with the image on the left shoulder representing Shadow, here represented by a crescent moon (a silver thread of the mortal coil that binds a soul to a body) and which is sat upon by a flying black cat... further and more personal symbolism.


on another level this polarity simply represents the light and the dark, sun and moon, which balance a point of focus between them. right and left hemispheres unified as the third eye. the triple~braid often referred to by the Celtic Ogham sign has three threads, of the light, the dark and the chaos that goes between. the white at the base of the image also works on several layers of meaning; it is a tree ring, it is a ripple, it is meridian rings around a core. at the top this simultaneously becomes both a singular point of focus where light becomes faster than time, while also refracting outward as the petals of a lotus or the branches of a tree. the Dryad's Ru shape is reminiscent of an African tribal mask, a self~contained reality which teaches a form of reiki healing where energy spirals up from the root through every thread and fiber of our being, cleansing all blockages before culminating at the Apex.

the charcoal picture is from a series entitled 'Thirteen Moons'

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