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sat hat

spirit teachings

Posted on 2010.08.27 at 18:47
This post entitled Spirit Teachings was removed from a christian spiritualist-church forum in facebook for being too dark. It was intended to kick-start a discussion about interactions we have had and lessons we have received from the spiritworld. 
Spirit Teachings

To begin, I will tell a tale. This is a true story it happened to me at gregorian New Year of 2008. Following my way signs I traveled to the south coast to meet up with a clairvoyant friend, a powerful witch. I stood facing the sea, the French channel and I realized; the only way forward from here is back.

We sat in her room with the television on the ghost channel, white noise to cleanse our minds. We had just listened to a dvd of her old band, she's a drummer. They were pretty good; a lot of European rock music is but never reaches the uk. By degrees we became aware that spirits were in the room with us; I get flash-sight in my minds eye to augment the instinct-emotion response that I use to locate them and communicate with them, as well as clairaudience.

The spooks had indeed been spooking us all night, they had been trying to attract our attention in all manner of vile ways which to be honest I find best to deal with through lewd humour. When I asked within they gave me some imagery and I realized then what was happening and what the spirits had planned for us all for this night.

I laughed and realized that I had to settle my friend. Her eyes were focused on an orb inches in front of her face, I couldn't see it but I could hear its tone. Holding my hand close to it, the orb moved upwards away from the silver Mexican air&water ring I wear. Her eyes followed the orb, as did my ears.

Our eyes met and we took a moment to readjust ourselves. My friend looked beautiful like a lost child full of ancient understanding. Our hearts were throbbing with excitement edged with fear.
are you ok yes are you ok yes

They’re over by the kitchen, I said, hearing the high-pitched tinnitus like tone of the spirits moving around the room and settling still. I know she replied, I saw it move, an orb. Later this evening I saw the orb myself; the first time I had seen one. They move at a strange speed that takes the mind some adjustment to attune to their visual spectrum.

What do they want? My friend asked. I asked them. By now I was visualizing. I had never before had such a strong experience at channeling while remaining in control of my senses and I realized the spirits really wanted to be involved with this.

There are two of them, a guy and a girl. They are very patient. They are thinking. The depth of the dead as they think, is poetic and vast, is something terrible and beautiful, tragic and timeless and very romantic. As they think, they have all the time in the world. Their stillness is calming almost beyond anything I have known, peaceful.

I laughed as I received the answer. It was obvious what they wanted by the images they were sharing with me and by their behavior. They had quite a punk attitude and I began to understand what their unlife is like. The female spirit returned, she had been moving around the local buildings watching what people were up to.

I began to see how bored these pair are and what they do for entertainment. The possibilities of such a life amaze me, what it must be like for them. So I began to ask them questions. My friend was watching the female orb move through the room, she seemed to be sitting close to me, but it was the male sitting by the kitchen area of my friends’ bedsit who I was speaking with most clearly, verbally.

I asked who they are, their names. They told me that 'the long term dead do not have names'. I asked them what they want and they told me. My friend at the same moment asked me what they want and I had to make a reflex decision. Explaining it as succinctly as I could, my attention split between the spirits and the need for verbal dialogue with my friend to calm her, for her nerves were beginning to jangle as though sensing we are on the build-up to something.

Rebirth, I said, in the calmest voice I could manage. It seemed the most eloquent way of describing it. The tension in the ghosts at this moment, if spirits can hold their breath then that is exactly what they both did.

My friend is heavily in to the metal group slipknot and stonesour and she screamed with excitement; that's the name of a joey jordison song! I have the cd!

I laughed at the synchronicity, knowing that somehow all of this is related. Turn the tv off I’m going to play you the song! She said. I was happy that she seemed less startled by having something to focus on other than their adrenaline in her nerves. I was feeling this too but thriving on it for the connection with the spirits seems to require the nerves to be in a certain state of heightened awareness that is similar to fear.

At that moment the tv turned itself off. My friend and I both stared at it and then each other, smiling with wide-open eyes; our mouths open, feeling really special to be experiencing this together. The spirits were laughing also.

We played the music and the lyrics are amazing. They describe it so well that immediately I knew what the band members had been through, how similar to what we were experiencing that night. I knew that whoever had written these words, it was channeled, written by ghosts to wake up the living.

And as sound is frequency and frequency is energy, playing certain sounds is equivalent to opening a gate to certain other frequencies. My study into Egyptian hieroglyphs has taught me much of the physics of this. It is the physics of the ghost world that I am especially interested in learning about. I mentioned this to the spirits and they contemplated it in silence for a time.

Tell me of the light, I asked again. The spirits told me in an ancient word that my senses translated. The meaning becomes a few things, and this in itself told me of evolution and context, of how now many different meanings stem from one source. The light is a trap, they told me. It would be equally as true to say, material reality is a net. Or to use the word cradle.

I was seeing patterns within this, like layers of ivy growing in knotwork from a single source. The void is timeless and within it is the crucible. I began putting some ideas together and the spirits watched my thoughts, my understanding. I remembered a Jewish symbol, the menorah...

Yes he sees it like that too says the girl ghost, about the boy ghost. We aren't sure, they finally agree. But it seems this way. I asked of the big bang and they told me it was before them, before they were as they now are. We had to shrug off a lot of other subjects to stay focused on the pure teaching, but the girls emotion, the gentle loving knowing, we shared a lot in a single moment of understanding, it reminded me of rose quartz. Seen from the depth of aeons, historic tragedies of our history books become forgotten blips as souls progress within and around the creation

So the light... light is part of the material world, because it is within time, although the same words... the light is also faster than time. Their physics are wrong, the girl says. He’s close. I get an inkling for their relationship, the years of shared conversation and empathic sharing of ideas; revelations, understanding, and I admire these explorers, grateful for their teaching. I thank them. And I share their humour at the fallacy of language... that is why we use empathy to talk; the signs are deeper and truer, you need to go back and you need to go further inside yourself, have patience

All of this happened in a heartbeat, and my friend could see I was deep into something, asks; what's happening? She looks alarmed. Sorry... I begin because I feel I have ignored her, and wonder how to explain what I have just learned, when...

The texture of the room changed. My friend became alarmed, asked me what is happening. She looked nervous. It is Shadow! She said. She had mentioned this to me before. Shadow is scary. But I was tuned, in the zone, I was a world apart from the world of fear because tonight the spirits were giving me respect, and I was seeing truly, not from the ego of a mortal mind but with awareness, of our own temporary mortality and of the infinite journey.

I had been asking the spirits if there was such a thing as this tunnel of white light that I had heard of, but they were reticent to answer, shrugging and looking cagey as though they had overcome the embarrassment of it and won their immortality from god. They frowned at me when I mentioned god, it is not something they had ever encountered, and they told me that it would be nice but they are existentialists. We are what we are. And spirituality is about non-judgment. I agree, this is my way of understanding also.

I felt the great overwhelming presence of something awesome move around behind me. It felt like water that I have drowned in. I could hardly speak nor move. My friends’ eyes followed it around the room. She is sat on the bed and I on a chair, like the tip ends of the move a rook makes in chess. Shadow stopped at the point where the L-shaped motion bends, right next to her.

I visualized protective runes and techniques all around her as best as I could. She seemed the same as me. I could not look directly at the space occupied by Shadow but I could sense him, and in my minds eye see the outline darkness around his core. I speak of him in masculine but I don't know if gender applies to such a thing. And so I began to analyze Shadow, to learn more of it. As I did this I continued my dialogue with the spirits.

What are they saying? My friend demanded from fright. You’re okay I told her its safe, they're telling me about Shadow. I’m sorry, imp learning a lot here very fast and its hard relaying it all to you. Shadow is harmless. They are telling me that it, he, Shadow is a gate, and they use it to travel. I was surprised by how long we were extending this moment, the energy configuration we were all in together.

Shadow is a source and as old, ancient, as time itself. And alive, he has awesome mind, he is kind though, he understands in a way that we cannot and he is cold. What frightens us of him is not any danger, but the ancientness. Shadow has seen the Suns form.

The spirits hold Shadow in high regard. He is a tool, they say, and a teacher. Their love for him is wordless, too deep for me and I pull back into the moment, seeing with my eyes. My friend is looking nervously around the room. I nod my head and smile but am unable to reassure her verbally, I am drawn back into the inner vision.

From the corner of my minds eye I look over toward shadow. What I see is his head turn toward me, and I see it as the head of ... you will best know it as Anubis though there are other words for other aspects of this one, djmutef and a secret name that I’m not allowed to write here.

We are from the same tradition, I say to my friend. Well of course we are, we all are. All the different teachings all over the world at this time affecting our culture, for thousands of years into the past, they all describe the same thing, we are all of the same source. African spirit lore.

The depth of Shadow overwhelms me. Inside him are stars; he is like the monolith in 2001 a space odyssey by Arthur C Clarke. He is tall, eight to ten foot tall as he appears. And I know him at once as an old friend. My friend sees me relax; she begins to relax with him also but remains wary.

Other names he has are Charon the boatman of the river Styx, and erroneously the Grim Reaper, although there is no such thing as the grim reaper beyond biker’s tattoos, cheap horror films and medieval European tarot cards. To the Mayans perhaps it is the smoking mirror Tezcatlipoca; although that may be another thing... so many of these symbols have multiple meanings.

The power in Shadow is great and we have after millennia yet barely scratched the surface of its meaning. He also is Time and Timeless, the most profound sense of calm as I realize that we need never worry, everything that happens does so in its own time so there is no need for haste, and that we are on the paths we are on, the trajectories that we have chosen, that we need not worry no matter what events we may be facing, for all is good with such a strong guide to help us.

I say to my friend; I am asking these spirits to watch out for you (we do, says the girl). They help you. I am pleased that I have been here and helped make a friendship group stronger. I say to my friend; these are allies, Shadow will help you now, and I laugh, you don't have to worry it is all-good, everything is good. she looks at me strangely.
I have a memory blank of what happened next.

After these night’s events, I stayed another night. the next evening was even stranger and equally as supernatural. But that is a tale for another occasion...

As I am finding words to describe and write this account and the spirits are back with me, they are telling me, that I have to go back and that I have to go further, we have to go deeper into our understanding. I’m not sure if they are reminding me through some program they inserted in my lightbody while I was there at new year, or if that was in realtime today... sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

My friend has just recently returned to the UK. According to the reviews the drums on slipknots new album are outstanding.Perhaps it is time I go and visit her once more to continue our research.

So that is my story and what sharing I have of spirit teachings learned on this occasion. My tradition is laid bare and yet, there is so much more knowledge yet I have to impart, and so much more yet to learn!

Everything happens in its own time. As my beloved mystery-school spiritualist mentor told me on many occasions when I was studying with him as a teen;

"When the time is right"



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