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April 8th, 2011

sat hat

Biochemical Balance of Blood

Posted on 2011.04.08 at 12:27

So now you know the damage that you are suffering from technology, cellphone towers, mobile phones, computers, &etc.

You also recognize in this video that there is a basic principle of piezo-electric energy affecting your body from proximity to a source emitting such energy. It is not only radio signal masts that have such an effect. In fact you would be surprised how the bio-electric generators known as 'people' also have this proximity effect, which is also used at range when controlled by a focus tool known as the Attention. 

My friend Kat was sick last night after drinking a bottle of Oasis. It is a fake fruit flavored chemical soup of poisons detrimental to health. Although the label states "No artificial colours or flavours', amongst other things the ingredients contain sugar, aspartame, acesulfame and phenylalanine. Nasty. What do these things do? Generally they screw up your immune system and weaken your bones and vital organs as well as reducing fertility. If you do your own research then you will find out for yourself. 

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