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sat hat


Posted on 2010.08.27 at 23:14
had a vision 2 nights ago that has taken me 2 days to get my head around....
I was in the kitchen and I watched certain items 'dematerialise', destabilise into their component particles; 'unbound of form'. I had been reading about the CERN black hole generator that will destroy the material planet just a few years from now. but it cannot contain 'faster than light' particles. the REAL laws of physics governing 3D are that matter=time. this gives a localised time tempo (BPM) unique to each object. when its component atoms are harmonised it is free of the gravity well. this is how ghosts & ufo are vibrating higher than 'our normal vision spectrum'; because they exist in a different time zone (their own) rather than the shared one.
What I saw 2 nights ago is the material world dissolve & then I was back in that place of soft whiteness where the pain goes away & all is love. I last went there during an OBE. when the soul leaves the body it leaves time; so that we all enter 'heaven' (whitespace) at the exact same moment. so there is no rush to get there, relax! immediately I understood all this I was back in the kitchen again.

did I simply recreate the world in its same image as before? was I in control of this or was it something other? did it happen to the whole world, or only to me? I know now that if/as/when nuclear war or black hole or whatever (world blown up), then theres nothing to worry about because it is necessary for reality to do this, to drop all the nasty heavy shit into the black hole so the rest of us can float up free above it into 5th space, the new realms where positive psychemotional energy, loving thought vibration, manifests as the world around us; much like with a controlled lucid dream.
the experience felt more like I was accessing this level of experience to teach me how reality works, because the ascent of spirit/material reality is not smooth; it is ups&downs with a gradual incline, mostly to do with who has their hooks into us and where they are at at the time. this one brief moment, nobody had their hooks in me & also I was full of love&light*
at which time I worked it out. this is the 2012 galactic energetic alignment portal that the mayans and pleiadians are telling us all about. this is why we study herkimer & rose quartz, why we LOVE love love all forgive all teach this heal everyone because the negative is dense & the positive is ascent.
I have to share this with you all because it really is real. A very great teacher from Andromeda taught us that; "Pain is the Love we withhold."

People who are broken; they fear and they doubt and they need to control other people which reveals their own insecurities, their own lack of self love.

All of them are going to fall into the black hole. They will exist in a dimension where their own preconceptions create a dense material reality.

The ones who Love, will become a part of the light. It is an elegant, smooth transition. The light is not a religious definition of 'god' lol its nothing to do with that. It's acceleration, its like breaking through the water surface tension. Into a place the White Zone where the laws of physics are more dreamlike, insubstantial; and we can then really begin to learn, what it is all about, what we actually are when we aren't in a body of one form or another, when we aren't in time.

This is death consciousness speaking through me.

spring/summer 2009

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