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sat hat

Serpent Culture

Posted on 2010.11.01 at 00:15
snake rbg 1

I have recently been accused of being in a cult because I have been talking about use of exactly this same symbolism on a website. Incidentally since my account has been hacked and the password changed, I no longer have access to that website. Also that the information that I originally typed into that website has been altered and much of it deleted, without my consent and permission as the legal copyright holder. I am currently involved in a legal battle where this has become an issue.

It was in court that I have been accused of being a cultist for the purpose of character assassination that has put my children at risk of being placed into care, based on the precept that a cultist might be dangerous to childrens education, despite the Human Rights Act stating quite clearly that I have a right to worship, and despite many different religions being allowed to have children by Law including those that use circumcision.

As it happens, I do not believe myself to be in any such religious cult so far as I am aware, other than to discuss a specific series of symbols and the ramifications of comprehending what these symbols are associated with.
snake rbg 2

I am now officially establishing that IF people who use this type of symbolism are in such a cult, THEN this means that the national botanical gardens of wales are also members of the same cult; because they use the same symbolism. See pictures.

That the river/serpent motif is associated with 'Life' in many cultures all over the world, therefore humanity shares common concepts and associates common symbols to them, as written about by Karl Gustav Jung.

That therefore humanity is a shamanic species because all of this symbolism is associated with and defined as being 'shamanic'. This symbolism underpins even the formal masonic symbolism found within mystery schools, the masons, religions, of different nations and subcultures; as can be seen on buildings all over the world both of this current era and of both the recent and the ancient past. Nor is it used exclusively by them since it has 'primal roots'.

That therefore the historic symbolism is still actively in use today because mainstream humanity uses the same symbols/concepts today (as proven here).

That therefore humanity is a shamanic species and shamanism is an integral part of human culture.

That therefore a person aware of and using such symbols and claiming to be a shaman may do so 'officially' and without ridicule or prejudice against them for their spiritual beliefs.

That therefore such beliefs are not 'extremist' or 'unusual' or , but are rather to the contrary; quite regular and normal and mundane, given global cultures.

snake rbg 3

I make these statements in the name of anthropology (the study of humanity) of which I am a student and apparently a teacher to some extent since I am actively making these photographs and statements as proof of the truth of my beliefs, and for others to be influenced by.

Welcome to the human race. We are a magickal species.

snake rbg 4

I am not simply talking about 'homo sapiens modernus' here. I am talking about 'Humanity' which is a different thing; the qualifier is Humane behavior ('being' as an adjective denotes action; the action of being humane. This is simple common sense).

To this extent as I have encountered Humans wearing animal bodies, for I have witnessed animals acting humanely toward other animals. I am sure that I am not unique in this observation.

snake rbg 5

None of this artwork nor the biodome of the national botanical gardens are my responsibility, nor am I there creator.

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