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sat hat

about snakeappletree

Posted on 2010.08.27 at 15:17

Snakeappletree is a south wales uk based shaman constantly striving to educate people about the cultural heritage both of this region and the ancient traditions of humanity in general. Persecuted for his belief system by the academic, authoritarian and pharmacology funded societies alike, he spends his writing time working on books for teenagers concerning ecology, sociology, psychology and shamanism.

Snakeappletree is a qualified councelor with a degree in fine art. It was during his university course that he began to understand primal symbolism. A follower of Karl Jung, Eric Berne, Carlos Casteneda and Frank Herbert, Snakeappletree believes that our transition toward a global scale sustainable culture must incorporate practical worship of Gaia (mother nature) as lifestyle. Ecology is paramount, and becomes the learning tool for more advanced explorations of perception, awareness, communication, sociology. The transition toward permaculture begins with ourselves.

Snakeappletree's understanding of science is based upon ancient teachings which correlate to contemporary rediscoveries of scalar technology. His own experiments with eigintones, granular synthesis and sacred frequencies as healing tools are incorporated into electro-acoustic folk music. In his spare time he translates symbolism such as hieratic hieroglyphs of ancient egypt, working with scholars around the world to make light of the hidden multi-layered meanings within these books. Snakeappletree occasionally works as a spiritualist since developing an ability to channel after very much training (for example the same techniques applied by the SAS and tools developed by the CIA) and living education, which is the stuff of many stories.

Snakeappletree promotes personal responsibility and free liberal behavior within our community. The biggest problem we face in social terms is that so many humans believe that it is correct behavior to inhibit other peoples freedom. We have inherited a culture of control-obsession, with citizens who are technically suffering from a form of psychosis, sociopathic behavior of endorsing slavery. This is evident in many human relationships where a person uses stress, typically aggression or emotional blackmail techniques, to control what other people do with their bodies and energy. The consequence is a culture of widespread add (attention deficit disorder) and adhd (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) with neurotic inhibitions restricting achievement of the full level of potential that any of us are capable.

Evidence for this is all around since it is built into the mainstream control system that many humans are now preparing to step away from, returning to a more loving and empathic way of being. No-one's slave, no-one's master. Aliester Crowley coined the phrase; "Love is the Law, the law is for All." The application of this is absolute forgiveness and absolute freedom and sharing complete enjoyment of your loved ones happiness. This state necessarily comes about through understanding, which is why use of storytelling is such a major part of shamanic cultures. In this, the transition toward sustainable culture is guided by the notion of Archaic Revival.

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